DevLog#1 – Hello world!!

Hi everyone!!!

Hi there! I’m Antonio, cofounder of Quaternion, welcome to our first devlog.

2 years ago we released our first game "Endless Racing" for Android & IOS, a funny arcade game where we wanted to demonstrate our knowledge, but actually we discovered that not all it was a piece of cake. During the development phase we had all kind of problems: wrong code, lack of music (we had to improvise in this point), another member left us in the middle of the development and some more... 

Nonetheless, we enjoyed with this experience, so now we come back with renewed strength in a new development, let me introduce you..........(go drums!!).........

"Project Mainheam".


The Game

Project Mainheam is a 3D game, but the levels are in 2.5D, with a mix of Arcade shooter (where you will control the main character) and a Side-scrolling shooter (where you will control a spaceship), our inspiration are games like Contra, Metal Slug, Earthworm Jim, Gradius or R-Type. We're focusing our efforts in creating funny characters and enemies, and an interesting story as well.

This game will be release in PC, via Steam, but we don't have an estimated date yet. (in 2 years maybe?  undecided)

In next issues we will give more information about this project, we hope that you have interest in it because we have all our hopes in this game.

Thanks for reading us!!!.